Case Study – Tehmoor

Customer Service Practitioner Level 2

I learnt about Prostart when I first applied for the Apprenticeship. I applied through the website in which I saw Prostart listed as the Training Provider. From this, I did some research into them so I had a bit of background. Before I started my Apprenticeship, I just finished a Kickstart Scheme with a charitable organisation in an admin-based role.

I decided to do an Apprenticeship for the experience and qualifications as I felt this would be very beneficial for me in the long term. Especially as I was looking for work, most jobs stated I needed more experience, so I decided an Apprenticeship was the right way to go.  I have learnt a lot over the course of my Apprenticeship program and it has shaped me into a better and more confident individual. I feel like it gave me a great start for my career ahead and helped me improve upon my confidence massively which was a big hindrance for me before I started.  Prostart have helped me a lot as their support throughout my entire Apprenticeship  was a big reason as to why I came out with a distinction. Kerren was my L&D coach and she was the most supportive person throughout the Apprenticeship, she always helped if I was struggling with anything and I never had any issues with her. Throughout my Apprenticeship, I had one-to-one meetings with Kerren which definitely helped me feel me comfortable and develop a better understanding of what was required for me. She also was very supportive in offering advice for the Showcase Report.

Apprenticeships are a great way to give your career a head start, as you are working alongside earning a beneficial qualification, you need very minimal experience as that is what Apprenticeships are all about, there is so much room for development. Castle Cavendish have been very supportive throughout my entire Apprenticeship, they offered me advice where I needed it and allowed me to allocate time in order to get my work done. As Castle Cavendish is an organisation that has history of taking apprentices on full time, I had plenty of people I could go to for advice as they had been in the same situation as me. My line manager was also very supportive, we had regular one-to-one meetings to review my progress and ensure I was getting on okay. I plan to do further qualifications, preferably finance related as this is something I would eventually like to get into.