Supply Chain Fees and Charges Policy

Prostart Training subcontract training provision that as an organisation we are not able to deliver ourselves, due to the specialist nature of the subject or the location of delivery.

All subcontracts are monitored and are subject to the same quality arrangements as our internal delivery including observations of teaching and learning.

The percentage of fees retained is 15%

Prostart provides guidance and support for the delivery of the programmes and administers the completion of paperwork for subcontracts. Holds regular meetings and carries out observations of teaching and learning.

The fee reflects the level of support, the amount of administration and quality monitoring that Prostart carries out and what elements of delivery have been agreed.

Payments are made within 30 days of invoices being received.

The policy on fees is communicated to subcontractors before the start of any subcontract arrangements.

This policy is reviewed annually.

There was no subcontracted provision in contract year 2022-2023

UKPRNStart DateEnd DateType of ProvisionFunding PaidFunding Retained