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Celebrating Pride Month at Prostart!

June 2024

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We’re proud to celebrate diversity and inclusion throughout Pride Month and every month. We believe in creating a welcoming and supportive environment for everyone, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity.

Our Diverse Student Body

Our apprenticeships are designed to be accessible to everyone. We have a vibrant and diverse student base, reflecting the rich tapestry of communities across the East Midlands and beyond. We believe everyone deserves the opportunity to build a fulfilling career, and apprenticeships offer a fantastic pathway to achieve that.

Open to All

Whether you’re just starting out, looking for a career change, or returning to work, our apprenticeship programs offer a flexible and rewarding option. We have a wide range of apprenticeship opportunities across various industries, so you’re sure to find something that sparks your passion.

Here’s Why You Should Choose Us:

  • Inclusive Environment: We foster a culture of respect and acceptance, where everyone feels valued and empowered to succeed.
  • Supportive Staff: Our dedicated team is here to guide you every step of the way, from finding the right apprenticeship to providing ongoing support throughout your program.
  • Industry-Focused Training: Our programs are developed in collaboration with leading employers, ensuring you gain the skills and knowledge needed for a successful career.

Ready to Take the First Step?

Explore our apprenticeship options on our website and discover the path to your dream career. We offer one-to-one bookable appointments with our recruitment team to help you find the perfect fit.

Spread the Word!

Know someone who might be interested in an apprenticeship? Share this page with them or encourage them to reach out to us. Let’s work together to create a more inclusive future for everyone.