Meet Our Team

This is our amazing staff, let’s get to know each other better.

Tracy Brown

Curriculum Lead & IQA Management & Warehousing • Learning & Development Coach

Dawn Bridgett

Curriculum Lead & IQA Facilities & Events Management • Learning & Development Coach

Eve Adams

Curriculum Lead & IQA Work Skills & Training • Learning & Development Coach

Adam Burton

Curriculum Lead FS English & Maths • Learning & Development Coach

Kerren Bowler

Learning & Development Coach

Ceri Jepson

Learning & Development Coach

Nina Ricci

Head of Business Development • Recruitment & Induction Lead

Maria Pannullo

Governance Support Officer • QA Audit / Data Analyst

Lawrence Turton

Recruitment & Induction Officer • H&S Lead

Emma Fletcher

Administration Co-Ordinator • Social Media Lead

Matt Vaughan

QA Tech Centre Co-ordinator • Lead Exams Officer

Curtis Ferrin

Information Systems / Finance • Management Information

Andrea Bell

Admin / H&S Facilities Support

Denise Newcomb

Managing Director