Senior Leader Level 7

Senior Leaders are a key component of all types of business models where there is a workforce to lead, manage and support. The broad purpose is to provide clear, inclusive, and strategic leadership and direction relating to their area of responsibility within an organisation. Typically, this involves setting, managing, and monitoring the achievement of core objectives that are aligned with the strategic goals of their organisation’s Board. Externally, a Senior Leader acts as an ambassador for their organisation with wide-ranging networks typically involving customers/clients, supply chains, and statutory/regulatory bodies.

Senior Leaders are responsible for:

  • Setting direction, vision, governance, and providing a clear sense of purpose for their area of responsibility
  • Providing clear and inclusive leadership.
  • Identifying longer-term opportunities and risks using data from internal intelligence sources and external influences
  • Developing sustainable, ethical, innovative, and supportive cultures that get the best from people
  • Resources that may include budgets, people, assets, and facilities, Staying up to date with innovation
  • Keeping pace with and responding to change by leading agile transformation.
  • Leading and promoting sustainable business practices, Responding to and managing crisis situations.
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About this Standard

Typical job roles for this standard would be: –

  • Senior General Manager
  • Team Leader
  • Cheif Executive Officer

Delivery of the Training: –

Knowledge-based off-the-job training will take place once a month along with portfolio-building days each month. The Apprentices allocated Learning & Development Coach will issue monthly action plans and complete workplace visits in addition to the off-the-job training and portfolio-building days.

Progress Reviews will take place with the Apprentice, Manager, and Learning & Development Coach every 12 weeks to monitor progress and ensure the Apprentice is on target to achieve by the planned end date.

Completion of the Level 5 Operations Departmental Manager Apprenticeship, equivalent or a degree Level programme or other relevant qualifications and experience.

The duration of this Degree Apprenticeship is typically 30 months

The final, end point assessment is completed in the final 5 months of the Apprenticeship. The End Point Assessment comprises of the two discrete assessment methods below, the training activities are designed to prepare the student for successful completion of all End Point Assessment activities and include Mock EPA methods.

A strategic business proposal, presentation with questioning (50%)

A strategic business proposal involves the apprentice completing a relevant and defined piece of work that has a real business benefit. Apprentices will prepare and deliver a presentation that, along with the strategic business proposal, appropriately covers the KSBs assigned to this method of assessment. It will be followed by questioning from the independent assessor.

Professional discussion underpinned by a portfolio of evidence (50%)

A professional discussion is a two-way discussion which involves both the independent assessor and the apprentice actively listening and participating in a formal conversation. It gives the apprentice the opportunity to make detailed and proactive contributions to confirm their competency across the KSBs mapped to this method.

Apprentices must gain a minimum of 50% in each of the two assessments in order to pass the overall assessment. They can achieve a grade of either fail, pass or distinction

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20% off the job training is a mandatory requirement when completing any Apprenticeship Standard.

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